Funkless was created by Kevin Steinmuller, who has spent the past 12 years as a Classical Pilates Instructor and Strength & Conditioning Coach

I've embraced a very organic and holistic lifestyle, educating myself, my family and my clients about what being 'healthy' truly means.  It's a commitment and there are three realms to consider: food, fitness & lifestyle.  First and foremost, you should be eating quality whole foods that look like they came out of the ground, grew on a tree or walked on this earth.  Secondly, you have to move.  The human body was meant to run, jump, lift, throw and climb.  Functional fitness is about preserving quality of life, not just looking a certain way (although it is a nice byproduct).  Thirdly, simplify your lifestyle; manage your stress, make time to take care of yourself and avoid toxins if possible, which means personal care products.  Chemical deodorants and anti-perspirants are notoriously loaded with aluminum to block your pores, AVOID at all costs!

Funkless was made for my lifestyle and the lifestyle of everyone who's concerned about their well-being.  Long-lasting, exceptionally creamy and unbelievably effective.  AND NATURAL!